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Samuel de Champlain, a French explorer, discovered Lake Champlain in what is now Canada, and founded the city of Quebec. The people in Quebec today still speak both French and English.

"Samuel de Champlain spent much time writing descriptions of the territory and peoples he encountered in the place that is now North America. He was also a maker of maps. His maps and writings provide us with an understanding of where he travelled and how he interpreted the places he visited and people he met." (Ontario Heritage, Mapping Champlain)

Some historians present Champlain's accomplishments with great admiration: "Champlain's greatest achievement was not his career as an explorer, or his success as a founder of colonies. His largest contribution was the success of his principled leadership in the cause of humanity. This is what made him a world figure in modern history. It is his legacy to us all.- David Hackett Fischer, Champlain's Dream, 2008

Some historicans have quite a different view of Champlain: "In the crowded pantheon of early explorers there are only a few whom I would care to invite to dinner. Cartier and Champlain are admirable historical figures, no doubt, but both were hard cases: the former was a kidnapper, the latter an assassin, in each instance their victims were unsuspecting Indians. Pierre Berton, My Country: The Remarkable Past, 1976

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