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In Search of the Northwest Passage (unit - Champlain, Hudson, Cabot)

Canadian Explorers (Vikings, Cabot, Cartier, Champlain, Hearn)

Out of the Dungeon - Explorers Quiz

Early Explorers

Inspiring European Explorers

Early Exploration

The Search for the Northwest Passage

European Exploration Trade and Colonization Portugal

Early European Exploits in Exploration

European Exploration Trade and Colonization

Meet the Explorers From Our Past

Eye on Exploration Take a Second Look

Explorers (lots! free membership with TES)

Vikings - Lessons, Daily Life, Religion, Norse Myths (Donn)

Age of Exploration (unit)

New World Explorers


PBS: Conquistadors

Lesson Plans by Individual Explorer (Marco Polo, Champlain, Henry Hudson, John Cabot, Francis Drake and many more)

Jeopardy Games about Explorers

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