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John Cabot - New World Explorer for Kids

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John Cabot was Italian. When Italy would not fund his explorations, he moved his family to England. The King of England did agree to fund him. In 1497, about five years after Columbus "discovered" America, John Cabot sailed away from England, looking for a back door to China, just as Columbus had done. Some historians believe he landed in what would become Newfoundland or possibly Nova Scotia in Canada. Like Columbus, Cabot thought he had found China. But he was not as stubborn as Columbus. He soon realized his mistake.

John Cabot was disappointed, but he did claim what would become Canada for England. It was the first of many claims of Canada for England. Cabot explored the Canadian coastline, and named many of the harbors he found. He made a second voyage to North America, still looking for a back door to China. Each time he returned to England, the king rewarded him for the land he claimed for England. Cabot became quite rich.

Instead of enjoying his fame and family, Cabot set sail again with 5 ships, headed west from England. No one knows what happened to John Cabot after that. Some historians believe John Cabot, his men, and his ships were lost at sea. Others believe he may have returned to England. The date of his death is usually stated as 1499, because that's when he disappeared.

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