Age of Exploration and New World Explorers for Teachers - Lesson Plans, Activities, Games, Maps, Timelines, Powerpoints and More Illustration

Age of Exploration and New World Explorers - Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities For Teachers

For Teachers

Many Printable Activities (flash games do not work, scroll down to many printables!)

Explorer Project

Age of Exploration Unit Ideas

European Exploration of the New World - unit

Teacher Link - Early Explorers of America

Age of Exploration Unit, grade 5 but can be adjusted, free download, Core Knowledge

European Exploration of North American Unit, designed for grade 3 but can be adjusted, free download, Core Knowledge

Let's Go Exploring - Travel to the New World, unit

Empire of the Bay - Hudson Bay Company

World Explorers, Lesson Plans

Massive Section - Mr Nessbaum Explorers - free online

New York, European Explorers, lesson plan

Predicting the Past, Marquette and Artifacts, lesson plan

The Vikings, lesson plans and classroom activities

How do you navigate when you have no compass?

3 Compass Games to teach kids how to use a compass

For Kids: New World Explorers

Leif Eriksson

Christopher Columbus

Amerigo Vespucius

John Cabot

Francisco Pizarro and the Incas

Hernan Cortes & the Aztecs

Vasco Balboa

Sir Walter Raleigh

Jacque Cartier

Samuel de Champlain

Henry Hudson

Hernando De Soto

Father Jacques Marquette

Rene Robert de La Salle

Juan Ponce de Leon

Other Explorers

Ferdinand Magellan

Vasco da Gama

James Cook & Australian Explorers

Bartolomeu Dias

Francis Drake

Marco Polo

Lewis and Clark

Howard Carter

Games & Interactives for Explorers, Sailing Ships, Sea Monsters, and more!

Online Free Games & Activities

Jeopardy Games about Explorers

Free Powerpoints about Explorers (cartoon format)