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Ferdinand Magellan - Explorer, Age of Exploration for Kids

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Magellan, a Portuguese explorer, was the first man to try and sail around the globe. Magellan was from a wealthy family. He served in the Portuguese court. He knew the king of Portugal. In fact, they were good friends for quite a while. King Manuel, the king of Portugal had supported da Gama when da Gama wanted to sail around the tip of Africa to reach India, which he did accomplish, but to the delight of the king. He brought back riches from India. Magellan was surprised when the king argued with him about trying to find a way around the entire globe by water. Magellan's argument was to think of the riches that were yet to be found. But the king did not agree it was possible to sail around the world, and he refused to pay for the attempt. So, Magellan talked to Spain. The King of Spain gave him 5 ships.

It was not an easy trip. Some men tried to turn back. But Magellan was able to stop that from happening. One time, when Magellan was on shore with about 40 men, they were attacked. Magellan was killed. He never got to finish the trip. But one ship did make it around the globe, back to Spain. There were only 18 men left on board when they sailed into harbor, but they made it!

Magellan is credited with being the first man to sail around the globe, even though he did not personally live to complete the trip. It was his idea, his vision, and his stubbornness that made it happen.

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